50 Shades of Green

While the northeast is still digging out from one of the most severe winters on record, spring is coming in with a roar across parts of the country – bringing a fresh new palette of colors with it. In Southern … Continue reading

Cold and Flu Masks Protect You from Germs

More evidence is coming through from research community that shows the importance of protecting our respiratory systems from the chill of winter. Common cold ‘prefers cold noses’ By James GallagherHealth editor, BBC News website The virus behind the common cold is … Continue reading

Use a Face Mask for Extreme Weather

The Santa Ana winds made a recent visit to Southern California, making many people miserable during their short stay. The Santa Anas are a southland weather phenomenon that occurs in the fall and winter months when hot, dry wind blows … Continue reading

Beer, Brandy, Bong… Really!

Hey, I’m not one to judge… to each their own. When VinniBag was introduced, wine was the hot property and people were trying to figure out ways to transport a nice Pinot from Napa to Naples. But since Vinni hit … Continue reading

Germ Alert – Mr Speaker! Please put on a Mask

Aw, shucks! There he goes, third man in line to be the leader of the free world, and he’s gonna grab hold of his nose right there in front of a national television audience. Mr. Speaker… please, you don’t know who’s been … Continue reading

Hey Buddy – Watch the Hands!

For those of you who never rub your nose, touch your mouth or bite your fingernails, move along, there’s nothing to see here. Everybody else, listen up! Your hands are gonna make you sick if you don’t keep them off … Continue reading

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