Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each replaceable filter last?
MyAir filters are designed for one-time use, which is certainly the safest way to avoid contamination, and what we have to recommend.  However, many of our customers do reuse them multiple times (sometimes for many days).  Unfortunately it isn’t possible to estimate a number of hours or days because everyone uses them differently and in different environments.  Please keep in mind that the filters are very delicate so they won’t hold up for extended use.  If the layers begin to separate, it’s definitely time to replace the filter.

How to buy replaceable filters and how much are they?
Replacement filters for the MyAir Comfort Mask are available in a 3 pack for $4.95 and a 10 pack for $9.99 at the website store, Replacement filters are also available on

Senior Woman Sitting OutsideThe mask is really loose on my face. Is there some kind of adjustment I can make?
The most important feature of MyAir is twisting the ear loops – the mask won’t fit properly unless the ear loops are rotated backward, and then slipped over the ears. Here’s a 30 second video to help make sure you get the best fit. There are also directions and illustrations on the back of the filter package to show you how to get the proper fit.

Why is the mask so flimsy?
The fabric is very thin by design for comfort and breathability.  Every layer of a mask reduces airflow, and we’ve designed MyAir to have the minimum number of layers and the maximum rate of airflow.  The fabric is specially designed to be very porous and easy to breathe through.  The custom nylon/spandex blend will not fray or unravel, which means we can avoid bulky seams and extra layers.  Finally, the light weight and 4-way stretch lets you wear the mask comfortably for extended periods.

Why are the edges of the fabric unfinished?
MyAir is made with a specialized fabric that will not fray or unravel. The edges are not finished intentionally – we designed the product without seams for comfort on the face and around the ears, and to allow unrestricted stretch.

How do you clean the mask?
We recommend mild soap and water, and lay flat to dry. Some customers have told us they toss theirs in the washer and dryer with no problems, but we have no test data to support that.

Can you wash the filters?
No. The filter media is very delicate and the pores are so small that water and soap would actually clog the filter and make it useless.

I have a very small face – will the MyAir Mask fit me?
The elasticity of the fabric and the twist design enable the mask to conform to many face shapes and sizes. You can always try one, and if it doesn’t fit, return it for a full refund of your purchase price.

Will the MyAir Mask block cigarette smoke and/or perfume?
Unfortunately, no. The mask will block airborne particles in cigarette smoke, and may reduce odors, but gases and odors can only be completely blocked by a respirator.

Do you ship to Canada?
Yes. In fact, we ship outside the United States via US Postal Service to anywhere in the world.