Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Your VinniBag can be turned into a garden hose to help keep our planet green :o)
Hopefully all of us are making an effort these days to be more eco-conscious. Carrying our own bags when we go shopping, composting, recycling, switching to low energy light bulbs and appliances…

But even with these efforts, there’s still a long way to go. From 1980 – 2005 there was a 60% increase in the solid waste produced in the US. Again, we’re headed in the right direction, but the average American generates roughly 1600 pounds of garbage a year, which is amazing when you think about it. As of 2008, the United States recycled about 28% of its waste. In Europe, Austria is doing the best job in the EU in its recycling efforts with approximately 60% of its waste being recycled. The UK is estimated to recycle about 17.7%, and Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg are similar. Greece trails a bit with only 10% of its waste being recycled and the remaining 90% going to the landfills. Most other countries fall somewhere in between, but more toward the low end.*

Products with a #3 recycle code require special handling and often end up in landfills. If your area does not have an active facility to process these materials, we have established a program to insure that our products help our environment rather than add to the planet’s burden.

When your VinniBag gets tired, send it to us – we’ll give it a second life as a garden hose to help keep our planet green.

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